Mind The Gap

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 201 months ago

Last Updated 11 October 2007

Mind The Gap

You might think the act of visiting an art gallery specifically to gawp at a hole in the ground would obviate the need to remind people not to trip over said hole. Apparently not.

Mere days after the unveiling of Doris Salcedo’s Shibboleth, a 548 foot long fissure running the length of the Turbine Hall, people are already coming unstuck. One young woman reportedly fell feet-first into the exhibit and had to be dragged out by friends. Another woman - apparently thinking the crack was a painting - deliberately stepped onto it and tripped over, slightly injuring her wrist.

According to the Daily Mail, one eyewitness said (in a totally unhysterical quote not attributable to an excited subeditor):

"Instead of art imitating life, here it's threatening life."

The Mail, of course, is well known for its enlightened views on modern art, having snarled "Good Riddance" at the 2004 Momart warehouse fire, so it's touching to see them concerned about public safety.

Our advice is to get down to Tate Modern soon, before the exhibit is slapped with a Health & Safety violation and guard rails are brought in. Perhaps they'd have more luck if they employed the Underground announcer to softly intone "Mind The Gap" whenever anybody steps too close?

Shibboleth, at Tate Modern, until April 2008. Doris Salcedo has a complementary exhibition at the White Cube, Hoxton, until October 20th. Image courtesy of ObservatoryLeaks' Flickrstream