Hear Radiohead in full

By Talia Last edited 136 months ago
Hear Radiohead in full

While we may be wondering what the hell has happened to XFM since someone came up with the bright idea to make it all automated, we're quite excited by the news that tomorrow they're going to be playing all 42m 39s of the new Radiohead album in full.

Of course, if you're a Radiohead fan and own a computer then you'll probably be enjoying the same pleasure possibly, if you're a meanie, for the same price at midnight tonight when 'In Rainbows' becomes available to download. But for the rest of us who just fancy a bit of a listen and can't yet be bothered to actually own it, we think this full airing is pretty cool. Tune in on 104.9 or here.

Last Updated 09 October 2007