Hang with the 'Phonics

By Talia Last edited 135 months ago
Hang with the 'Phonics

We always think going to a video shoot would be really fun, but until we go to one and realise it's sitting about in the cold eating soggy sandwiches, we're going to keep bringing you opportunities to go. This time it's the Stereophonics who personally have been making our ears bleed for about the last 5 years, but given their album went to #1 yesterday some of you must still like them.

Anyway on Friday, the band are shooting the video to forthcoming single "My Friends" somewhere in London and they'd like 120 people to join them. It's going to be based around a performance by the band so shouldn't be too strenuous. If you'd like to go (and are over 18) then email your name, address, dob and mobile number to stereophonics@bikinifilms.co.uk and if you're quick you might be immortalised on MTV2 forever.

Last Updated 22 October 2007