Finally Some Room to Breathe?

By Hazel Last edited 135 months ago
Finally Some Room to Breathe?

Modernisation of the Thameslink railway route that runs North-South through central London has finally begun; this news today must come as a relief to anyone who has the displeasure to

share packed morning trains with this Londonista.

Supposedly, the £5.5 billion project will bring "more seats, less crowding, more direct

services and better connections in London," according to Andrew Mitchell of Network Rail. Longer station platforms, more peak-time trains and new rolling stock are certainly welcome news. However, with the rate the population of London is growing and distances people are commuting on the increase, we'll have to see about the lessened congestion by the time the project is complete in 2015. We suspect London will be quite different by that date, especially if the constant threat of an obesity outbreak becomes a reality. We'll not only need more seats, we'll need bigger ones too.

Until the modernisation is in full swing, we have to wait with bated breath and hope for the best, just like every rush hour when the doors are closing.

By Kai

Image by robinhamman courtesy of the Creative Commons licence.

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