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Doc Rogers lives and works in the heart of London's SoHo – he's currently a creative technologist for an advertising company and a keen blogger.

1/6 – I have to spend a lot of time surfing the world wide web for work, so I often stumble across interesting sites and blogs that are London-related. Today it's all about the maps, possibly not the most exciting of topics I know, but there are some cool things going on in this digital niche.

First up... enter a postcode or location of a walk you would like to do and off you go. It's a simple idea and who knows it might get you off that sofa. Continuing the map theme... we're all familiar with the iconic tube map by the genius Harry Beck... but what does the real tube map look like? Something that always makes me laugh is when tourists get on at Leicester Square and get off at Covent Garden... all of two minutes walk, but only a Londoner would know that right? ;-)

Last but by no means least, Google Earth. If you've not had a chance to play with this amazing toy you really should take a look. A great feature is the old map layer – 17th century London never looked good.

Ok that's enough maps for now, I have a couple more but will save those for another day. Enjoy London.

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Last Updated 20 October 2007