A Grave Crime

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A Grave Crime

Sometimes it's the little ones that grab ya. Man breaks into cemetery, steals ten grand's worth of grave digging kit, then wheelbarrows it out to his car.

That's it. No more.

No word on whether the police have found him yet and to be honest, we're highly unlikely to follow this one up unless there's a spate of grave robing in the Sunbury area.

Still, you can now spend the weekend pondering what the hell you would do with a shed load of spades: sell them on eBay, build a nice coffin-shaped pool, start your own graveyard in your back garden, murder lots of people and hide the bodies really well?

We wouldn't be doing our civic duty if we didn't at least ask you if you might know this man, and if you do could you please phone Crimestoppers. But let us know before you do, 'Londonist interviews man who stole home cemetery making kit' would be a first.

Image from JB/John's flickr photostream

Last Updated 26 October 2007