999 out of 1000

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999 out of 1000

Or something like that anyway. The London Ambulance Service has certainly scored the highest in the country, which is just dandy as it has had more than its fair share of criticism over the years, especially following 7/7.

Driving is about one of the most stressful things you can do in London, and one of the most heart-rending sights in the capital has surely to be that of a grim-faced ambulance driver, lights flashing, sirens woo-wooing, hunched over the wheel as he tries desperately to get his patient to the hospital on time.

Londonist has always thought that the cheerfulness and professionalism of the service are most impressive, especially considering the number of unnecessary call outs with which they have to contend. Add to that the hordes of vomiting drunks and reeking tramps that pass through the back of their vehicles, and their vocation becomes even less desirable.

Good on yer, guys and gals.

Piccie courtesy of gwire’s flickr stream.

Last Updated 18 October 2007