The Great British Citizenship Pub Quiz

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The Great British Citizenship Pub Quiz

Do you enjoy filling in questionnaires and sipping drinks in pint measures? Are you aware of how British you are? Would you like to go to the pub to do a quiz that won't ask tricky questions about football in the 1960s but instead tax you on how much tax you should pay if you're self-employed and working from home, after deductions but before taking into consideration any savings you may have equal to, or above £2,000? Clear your diaries for Thursday night because there's a new quiz in town... and top prize is your right to stay in this country.

The Manifesto Club is a pro-human campaign group that is less about the politics of left and right and more about Enlightenment for the 21st century. Liberation through creativity and knowledge is what the club wants and they're going to the pub this Thursday night to sort it out in The Great British Citizenship Pub Quiz.

In order to investigate the full implications of granting British citizenship through the existing multiple-choice British Citizenship test, the questioning chaps of the Manifesto Club have adapted it into a pub quiz. This way, participants get to see what is asked in the Citizenship test but have the chance to discuss and develop citizenship with a small 'c' in a pub environment - and the debate about what is true citizenship starts right there. Is a good citizen one with a high test score? Or one who knows that standing on the left on escalators is bad?

The Great British Citizenship Pub Quiz will be hosted at the same venue Londonist held our fabulous pub quiz earlier this year, The Old Queen's Head in Islington - turn up early to bag seats as anyone who has attended quiz nights will tell you. Otherwise you'll have to prop yourself against one of the fireplaces and risk serious head injuries on the oversize mantelpiece, which we can tell you from experience is extremely likely.

The Great British Citizenship Pub Quiz, organised by the Manifesto Club, Thursday 27 September, doors open at 7pm, quiz starts at 8pm. For more information about the Manifesto Club and the quiz, go to the website here.

Last Updated 24 September 2007