Seamen Everywhere

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Seamen Everywhere


Yes. We still be talkin' like pirates. (We've tried but it's hard to stop.) So we reckon we aught to get back out onto the high seas. Or, at least the Thames. So it be a good job the Bring Stuff Pirate Party is on Saturday. It's on a real boat and everythin'.

This means we can drink rum all night, say 'Ooo-arrrrgh' at everyone and talk to parrots. Because you have to bring a parrot. What type of pirate doesn't have a parrot? A rubbish one. Even the rubbish ones have a canary. Bring Stuff have told us there are prizes to be had for the best costumes so we think you should take an avery. The party is at the Tattershall Castle on Embankment and everyone will be in full piraty get-up. It won't cost you a single gold coin either. Them gold coins be for rum spendin'. But if you want to spend your gold coins dancin', you can on the top deck for five dubloons til three in the morning.

All of this pirate fun led us onto another thought. If last Wednesday was 'Talk like a pirate' day, we hereby name Saturday 'Flirt like a pirate day'. That's gotta make flirtin' more fun than asking 'do you come here often?' so here be Londonist's best piraty chat up lines for you to use on Saturday night:

Would you like a jolly rodger?

Could you help me hoist my main sail?

Could you varnish my wooden leg for me?

We didn't say they were classy. There were more. But in the name of decency we'll leave them to your imagination. Or, you can print them in the comments below. The best thing about this, is any of the above will usually get you a slap (we dare you to try it tonight first to see what happens). But on Saturday, you can blame your shamless innuendo and awful pick-up lines on Bring Stuff and their Pirates theme. They have lots of different themes at each party so we'll update you of new chat up lines accordingly. In the mean time, go be pirates who win prizes for looking fab, make sure you talk like a Pirate on the Northern Line too because that's always fun, and let us know if our chat-up lines work.

Bring stuff is full of millions of fancy dress ideas and cheap nights out to boot. Check out their stuff here and dress up and be merry. Even if it's just to go and get a pint of milk. The Tattershall Castle is nearest to Embankment station and they promise not to make you walk the plank. Unless you get too pissed. Don't try the chat up lines of the scary bouncers. We are not responsible for their effects. Unless you get lucky.

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Last Updated 21 September 2007