More Tube Strike Idiocy

Dave Haste
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More Tube Strike Idiocy

From BBC News:

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said they now had the assurances, they had been seeking, in writing from the employer.

However, he warned a 72 hour strike planned for next Monday remained, pending the outcome of further talks.

"The three days of strike action is on next week," he told BBC News 24.

"Our view the deal we have got is the best possible but if these people from Transport for London keep on going round and trying to rubbish us then it's their fault if the strike takes place next week again."

So hang on a second. Next week's strike (including immense grief to millions and the consequent damage to London's economy) will be because Bob doesn't like "being rubbished"?

We don't know what is more ridiculous – a system that allows this to happen, or a union membership that supports it. For fuck's sake.

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I don't know who within the RMT has responsibility for media relations.

But they deserve to be thrown under a train. Assuming their execution is scheduled to take place on a non-strike day...

The RMT have been singularly unable to present a coherent argument to the public at large about their demands. This may of course be 'anti-union bias' in the media, but ineptitude seems like a likely candidate.

And now Mr Crow wants to strike because County Hall is rubbishing the RMT in the media.

Nope, calling a strike without a clear message and goal, and then backing half way through having gained precisely nothing more than you asked for and got BEFORE the strike started make you look like a total bunch of self-centred fools. Alienating hundreds of thousands of commuters without an explicable reason is not good sense.

County Hall only have to quote you Mr Crow to do your cause damage.

I do wonder how many extra heart attacks (compared to a normal day) happen because of travel stress during a strike, either cramming onto a tube, running for a bus, road rage because of having to drive etc


Dear goodness, Bob Crow, butthurt much? Oh boo hoo the evil meeja are being really mean about me just because I seriously disrupted the routine of millions of Londoners and lost the economy millions of pounds' worth of lost productivity, not to mention losing the goodwill of a large proportion of the aforementioned millions of Londoners, and didn't gain anything substantially new after hours of negotiations which I am now trying to present as a victory. What's that sound I hear? Oh, it's the world's smallest violin, playing just for you, Bob.

@guest1: exactly. While I am in general in favour of the right to strike - it can be a necessary tool - in this case, the RMT would have to talk pretty fast to convince me that Mon-Wed's chaos advanced their cause one iota, either with TfL/the Metronet administrators or in the eyes of the public.

From an RMT press release:
"The dispute has underlined the need to bring the maintenance of London Underground back into the public sector, and that is what our members and the vast majority of Londoners want," Bob Crow said.

Well then you need to make your case a bit better, if it's truly what "the vast majority of Londoners want", don't you, Bob sweetie?


Bob Crow is an arse


HA HA! You used my image, I'm totally famous.



I've been told Bob Crow lives in South Woodfood - lets go and picket his f***ing house see how he likes it!