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Londonist Stays In

Autumn is tussling with the tail end of summer. It's nearly time to start closing the curtains early, sticking the central heating on timer and making soups and stews. Bed socks on! Here’s your London related home based media entertainment for the week.

On TV, Londonist likes:

Monday, 24 September

Withnail and I (C4, 01.30-03.25) Drink, drugs, debauchery and dirt in Camden Town. Need we say more. (Actually, just to confirm, that's 01.30 on Tuesday morning... but it still counts in Monday's TV schedule.)

Tuesday, 25 September

ITV London Carer of the Year (ITV, 19:30-20:00) Insight into the unenviable yet essential work of carers in the capital as a warm up to the Pride of Britain awards being televised in October.

Thursday, 27 September

How Not To Live Your Life (BBC3, 23:30-24:00) Brand new, London based sitcom about all the wrong things to say in every situation. After a one night stand: “Morning, I’ve been taking pictures of you all night” and “That’s it, yes, you remind me of my brother!” Written by and starring Dan Clark, it looks excruciating, and - more importantly - funny.

On the radio, Londonist likes:

Tuesday, 25 September

Malcolm Mclaren’s Musial Map of London (BBC Radio2 from 22:33-23:30) Punk legend, impresario and cockney, Mclaren traces a personal 3 decades of music, art and fashion through London’s streets.

Online, Londonist likes:

Today, 2 alternative guides to London that are firm favourites on right now. Yutaka Loves London and Street Sensation. We don’t know who Yutaka is but the site is Japanese, funky nuts style with recommendations for pubs, clubs, nosh, eye candy (sights?) and souvenirs. It is also rather pretty. Street Sensation, on the other hand, is a functional and rather helpful website that allows you to virtually visit streets in London and see what they and the shops look like, without actually having to go there. Useful for first time visits when the A-Z just isn't descriptive enough.

Last Updated 24 September 2007