Londonist Live: Adam Green at Union Chapel on 25/09/07

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Londonist Live: Adam Green at Union Chapel on 25/09/07

Ex Mouldy Peaches man, Adam Green, is defending his use of some particularly bad language in a church by claiming his Jewishness lets him off any divine retribution. He's casually sprawled in his chair, guitar balanced somewhat precariously on his lap; a sort of indie cool cross between Val Doonican and Michael Nesmith, with the faithful gathered round for a fireside sing-along.

This is the last night of his European solo tour and our first live experience of the man who will later sing the line: there's no wrong way to fuck a girl with no legs (because we had to get that in the review somewhere). He's relaxed, jubilant perhaps, chuckling along with and at the audience, taking and rejecting requests and pulling faces when his guitar falls out of tune or he hits a bum note / chord. For a couple of numbers he's joined by his girlfriend on backing vocals but otherwise it's just Adam strumming and plucking away gently at his guitar. Musically we're in that territory known as anti-folk, but you're more likely to be laughing along to the words than humming along to the tunes.

Jessica, Emily, Carolina, Bunnyranch, Blubirds, Drugs and the above mentioned No Legs all get a welcome look in as does his cover of The Libertines' What A Waster. Drifting between images of questionable taste, dubious morality and Terry Gilliam-esque cartoon surrealism, he's very funny as well as wordy and no-one's taking offence tonight. Rather laughter echoes often around the Chapel and we suspect that Him upstairs may just forgive him his 'blasphemies' for the smiles the audience took back out into the night with them.

Image taken from aurélien.'s flickr photostream because we forgot to bring our camera

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