London On The Cheap - 17th - 23rd September

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London On The Cheap - 17th - 23rd September

If Londonist were really rich we'd be out every night doing LOADS of fun stuff. We'd be going to see all of the cool things at London Design Festival. We'd be drinking beer out of plastic cups and dancing at the Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly gig. But we're not. Instead all our money goes on rubbish stupid bills and... actually not much else.

So here's what we're going to do instead. Here's a round up of the best free events gigs and merriment London has on offer this week.

Monday: Now it's getting a bit nippy, we can't stay in denial. Summer is over. For those who don't believe us and want to go and play by the sea, pop down to The Dana Centre for Ah...the sea. It's all interactive surround sound artwork to play with and you can push buttons. We like stuff with buttons to push. And, you can do it while you're eating candy floss. Childish bliss.

Tuesday: As always, it's free theatre for Tuesday. This time it's the turn of Bar Kick (not just for footy fans). They're showing the comedy Cliff's Edge at 7pm, and you'll get an insight into a few possible suicide jumpers. Sounds lovely.

Wednesday: For those of you who fancy something a bit more interesting than a quick pint after work, check out The Big Chill House tonight. It's holding it's regular Execeptional Night Out where you can listen to electronic tunes all night.

Thursday: What could be more fantastic the free impromptu jazz festivals? The Imperial Wharf festival starts today and we're very excited. Especially as we get to see The James Taylor Quartet. It carrys on to Saturday too. You might also like to know about the Canary Whaf Jazz Festival tomorrow too. Look at that: three days worth of free jazzy tunes!

Friday: It would be a shame not to see a cuple of bands on a Friday night. So we're off to The Living Bar to listen to some live singing and see in the weekend properly. This week it's apparently all glam punk rock. Fantastic.

Saturday: It's not often we get to write about clowns. Which is frankly fine with us as they're really quite scary. But in the name of bringing you the most interesting freebie things, we've made an exception. Clown's International (yes, seriously) is the oldest clown association in the world. They're having a poetry day today at the Clowns Gallery and Museum which we'd never heard of until today. You'll find us cowering in the corner.

Sunday: It's a sad week for The Spitz Gallery and its fans. Today is the last day before it closes its doors for good. This means you've got one more chance to see London Wall. A series of images of London's festivals and celebrations. It's a great show, but tinged with a hint of sadness today.

Or, you could say what the hell, ignore the bills and go out and get really really pissed with your mates.

Photo from Jason Rogers' flickr stream.

There's lots of stuff to do here, and lots of opening and closing times. Londonist thinks you should take a peek at the websites before you go for more information.

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