London On The Cheap: 3rd September - 9th September

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London On The Cheap: 3rd September - 9th September

For most of you, it was pay day this weekend. Wahey! This also means if you're like us, you've spent all your cash in the pub and will now be eating beans on toast all week. Which after going to The Edinboro Castle and having spent so long at the bar you sobered up, doesn't really seem worth the effort any more, does it?

But don't worry! All is going to be fine. Even though you can't go and see the Beastie Boys (actually, we're more annoyed about this than we're letting on) and you can't go and see Billy Elliot all grown up in Hallam Foe, you can do all of this interesting fun stuff:

Monday: Need cheering up after going back to work? Inigo in Clapham might just be the answer. Their club night 'Must be Monday' will give you lots of funk and electro to bop along to. Don't try and put your bar tab on company expenses though. It doesn't work.

Tuesday: London On The Cheap wouldn't be the same without some free theatre. This week, join us in the crowd at the Arcola Theatre to watch Fragile. It's all about the alienation and lonliness of an immigrant community in London. Strong stuff, but certainly worth it. It's 'Pay what you can' on Tuesday. Don't be too cheap.

Wednesday: We haven't been down to Brick Lane for a boogie for a while. Well now is the perfect opportunity. The Black Lips are playing tonight at the Rough Trade East shop. Lots of punky poppy garagy sounds for you to keep your ears and your feet happy. Starts at 6.30pm but get there early. This one is going to be packed.

Thursday: Walking is good for you. Stop trying to fight it. Especially if you get to do fun things at the same time. So why not take a look around London's Roman remains on a little stroll called Londinium. Go on, go and learn some stuff in your lunch break. Then go back to the office and be all clever. Meet fellow walkers at the sundial by Tower Hill tube station.

Friday: Look! Look! Free jazz! In a BOOKSHOP! We spoil you, we do. So do Foyle's book store. You can see Janet Penfold and Chris Lee here from 6pm in Ray's Jazz bar. A great way to start the weekend.

This not enough for you? You want more? OK, but don't forget what happened to Oliver Twist...

If you're south of the river after work, you can always go to The Front Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall on Southbank. The Elan Mehler Quartet are here from 5.30. Best enjoyed with a bottle of wine.

Saturday: It's very rare we see free dance in London. All too rare if you ask us. So make sure you see I Love Dance today. It's at the Gillett Square in Dalston and you can see a whole variety of stuff from different companies. Great if you're not that familiar with the genre. Who knows, you might even be inspired to tap your feet a little bit too.

Sunday: Here's a bit of an 'anti art exhibition'. It's called Made in China. Strangely it shows reproduction paintings made in the sweatshops of China. Not a typical show we're sure you'll agree. In fact, 'tis the strangest show we've heard of this year. Oh, it's at Fulham Palace by the way.

Or, you could stay in and alphabetise your DVD collection instead.

Photo from Jason Rogers' flickr stream.

There's lots of stuff to do here, and lots of opening and closing times. Londonist thinks you should take a peek at the websites before you go for more information.

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