Zombies Take Over London

By London_Sian Last edited 149 months ago
Zombies Take Over London


Yes, you did read that right. Yesterday an undisclosed number of Zombies swarmed Leicester Square to break yet another world record.

Now, to break the world record, this implies that there must have been a record in place already. Indeed there was. Last year a total of 894 Zombies descended on Pittsburgh last year.

Unfortunately, these Zombies aren't real. Sorry to disappoint. No, as convincing as some of them were, it's really just people just dressed up with fake blood on their jeans. Sorry to shatter the dream. But we do know that there was a Zombie Elvis and cheerleader in the midst. Spotted near the cinema.

Londonist would love to report and tell you if we now hold the strangest world record we've heard of this year, but try as we might, we can't unearth the truth. Did these wannabe undead break the record? Please tell us so that we can congratulate them.

Hopefully they'll be in the same place next year. With all those half asleep zombie people walking around, it's somewhat fitting that they used Leicester Square.

Flickr image from Clearly Ambiguous' photostream.

Last Updated 29 August 2007