Students Get Help In The Kitchen

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Students Get Help In The Kitchen

When we were students, meals involved the following: Super Noodles, cheese on toast, Chinese takeaway, Indian takeaway, cheesy chips at the Student Union and beer. Oh, and more beer.

Now this looks like it might change. Nutrition experts at Surrey University have put together a booklet of healthy meals to make sure freshers get all of their As Bs and Cs. Vitamins wise, that is.

Recipes include shepherds pie and something called Tangy Tortilla Starter. The booklet is obviously hoping that students will stop watching Countdown and suddenly turn into Jamie's and Delia's after flicking through the guide and being inspired.

Whilst this is a great idea, (and frankly, who couldn't use a little help in the kitchen sometimes?) we're not so sure that students will pay attention to this. The booklet is likely to go in the same bin as the 'How to budget' leaflet picked up at the Fresher's fair. It's information that as a student, you knew you should pay attention to, but don't. Because you're a student. And you're at University now so you know best.

Every student thinks life will change when the get to halls of residence. They'll buy wine glasses and even a cook book. This token cook book will be on their kitchen shelf for three years. It will also be ignored for three whole years. Because they'll be too busy staying up all night in the library or the SU bar. Because of this, Cheesy chips and beer will be the answer to all of their problems. Or, snakebite and black to make sure they get some vitamin C. This is the way of the student life, has been for years. Why try and change it?

Tasty kebab image from Alex Kehr's flickr stream.

Last Updated 31 August 2007