Review: Not Stalking David Tennant, Camden Fringe

By Lindsey Last edited 139 months ago
Review: Not Stalking David Tennant, Camden Fringe

Emma Hutchins' one woman show embodies its own ethos of "having it all".

Written and performed by the woman herself, she rises to the occasion delivering 3 familiar yet absorbing Bridget Jones-esque monologues and throwing in some Japanese Butoh for good measure. Ambitious? Yes. Misguided? Certainly not.

Butoh is a dance form where each move is initiated by emotional truth. Isobel's entrancing, effortful progress from prone to standing to intensely, baby pigeon steps forward and grotesque QEII gracious smiling was weirdly arresting and full of desperate intent.

By contrast, the intelligently amusing and well thought out monologue scripts felt rather more pedestrian, whilst terribly pertinent. Helen's in therapy trying to work out how to fill the void left by her workaholic, single lifestyle; Jen's obsessed with youth and beauty at the expense of all else and lovable Louise, everyone's single best friend, leaves parties early to catch Dr Who and fantasise about an alternative life with David Tennant as the perfect boyfriend.

Hutchins is an engaging and brave performer, tackling the plight of 30something womanhood head on with considerable dark humour and empathy.

Her juddering, emotion fuelled Isobel, though, steals the show.

Not Stalking David Tennant is on at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden High Street at 7.30pm till Thursday 23 August. All tickets £7.50 unless you've been once already, then it's only £6. The Camden Fringe runs until the 26 August. Go see something!

Last Updated 20 August 2007