Purple Unpredictability

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Purple Unpredictability

The Aftershow. It's got that exclusive ring to it, smacking of VIP-ness and celebrity glamour. How exciting then, when it was announced that O2 Prince shows would also have an aftershow party at nearby Indigo where you - the people, the fans - could get intimate access to the Purple Hero of Pop, party with his band and generally have one stonking night to remember.

But of course, being so little and not, in fact superhuman, he was never going to make personal appearances at all the aftershows. Shame then, that the agency flogging £25 tickets to those who'd already forked out £30 odd for the main show, failed to warn at point of sale that there was no guarantee the man himself would show up to every "Official Aftershow". The first one, of course, was spectacularly special. Fans at a subsequent gig were understandably miffed after queuing for ages and jealously guarding stage side positions at the club while missing out on general relaxing jollities and dancing off the gig high with a drink or two and getting no diminutive action.

Respect to one good natured fan, however, who took it on the chin and said

I think it's SO funny - and I was there and I paid for tickets - but it's SO Prince .. he's like 'Mah - I may go'

So, our advice to any of you with tickets for "the white hot place 2 hang 4 those still in need of some serious grooves" is: don't get your hopes up. Do party like it's 1999.

Prince may be appearing at an aftershow near you until 21 September.

Image courtesy of Percula's Flickrstream.

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