Londonist Interviews: Mayoral Hopeful Andrew Boff

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Londonist Interviews: Mayoral Hopeful Andrew Boff

Four Tories want to be our next Mayor. We contacted each of them to see where they stand on London's most pressing issues. And, of course, whether they've ever been sick on the Tube.

Andrew Boff was the first to return answers. As Mayor, the Boffmeister would shrink the Boroughs, remove the C-charge...and use Second Life instead of the airports?

Where do you live in London and what do you like best about it?

Just off Broadway Market, E8. It's one of the strongest local communities I've ever encountered. People care about each other.

Why do you think you should be Mayor and what policies would you bring to the office that would make you stand out against anyone else who wants to be?

I oppose Livingstone style top-down Government. I believe that London belongs to the people, not politicians. Londoners will have the right to draw up their own policies and have them voted on by fellow Londoners. On raising a petition of a proportion (10% to 30%) of voters the proposal would be put to Londoners at the next ordinary election. The result would be binding on the Mayor.

How do you yourself travel around London?

I cycle mostly.

What is your policy regarding irritant noise from mobile phone music players on the tube and buses?

Until the time that spontaneous good manners breaks out, I support quiet carriages on the tube and a peaceful upper deck.

Would you have introduced the Congestion Charge and if not will you repeal it?

Nope. After a major exercise to clear out the obstacles to travel in London I'll get rid of it.

Do you support the building of a new runway at Heathrow and how would you reduce your own international travel if you become Mayor?

ABSOLUTELY NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. I wouldn't travel internationally on Mayoral business. What's the point when there's Second Life?

What would be your vision for the city by 2020 and how would you achieve it as Mayor?

London will be a place for families and communities to thrive. I will:

Promote family housing and stop the plague of one and two bedroomed high-rise flats

Help communities who want smaller Boroughs as many people think that the current ones are too remote

Insist that the Boroughs invest heavily in providing meaningful activities for young people

Draft legislation to protect small shops and independents against unfair competition from large multiples

Fight against the damage to wildlife habitats and valuable green areas that overdevelopment and the Olympics threaten

Commission an accessible "Bus for London" designed for London streets

Give power back to the people.

Do you have any London-based trivia our readers may not know?

In the 17th Century the corpse of a mammoth was discovered at Kings Cross....there's not many people that know that.

Have you ever been sick on the tube?

Nearly on a bus once, when a tsunami of somebody else's stomach contents sloshed round my ankles.

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