Hearing Aids For The Very Very Rich

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Hearing Aids For The Very Very Rich

Sadly, Londonist is not fabulously wealthy, although we have high hopes for becoming so in the future. After all, eventually someone has to win all that money in the lottery, right?

However, if we had more money than we knew what to do with, and we were also having a bit of trouble hearing, now we know where to shop. A hearing aid supplier based in Balham has designed a hearing aid worth a staggering £25,000. Yes, that is twenty five thousand pounds.

The hearing aid is cast in gold and covered with 220 diamonds. But that's not all! No, it also has a remote control and all the latest technology.

Even so, that seems like an awful lot of money for something that helps you hear. And aren't hearing aids supposed to be inconspicuous? Perhaps we're out of the hearing aid fashion loop.

Maybe this is the next big fashion trend - trendy OAP's taking to the streets to show off their bling gear. But we still think there are better ways to spend £25,000.

Image of non-bling hearing aid advert courtesy of Matt's Flickr photostream

Last Updated 28 August 2007