Gallery Wishes Granted

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Gallery Wishes Granted

The London arts scene got some good news today. The National Portrait Gallery and The V&A are amongst 43 galleries across England to benefit from a whole load of cash from the Wolfson Charity grant: over £4million in total.

So what does this mean for London? Well the V&A has been given the most cash. £300,000 is going to go towards helping with issues such as access and sorting out public areas and there will even be enough left over to improve some displays.

The Wolfson Charity fund means we'll get to see new exhibitions in the Asia Gallery at the V&A including a sculpture of a Buddhist Monk.

It's not just galleries getting some cash to play with. The Museum of London gets a facelift and a brand new history exhibition.

Obviously it'll take a while before we see any of the new displays, but it's great news and we can't wait to see what they do with the cash. In the mean time, go and see the exhibitions that are currently running. These are still pretty good too.

Flickr image from E.²[Against Censorship]²'s photostream.

Last Updated 30 August 2007