Big Pimpin' Charity Style

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Big Pimpin' Charity Style

We’re all going to die at some unpredictable point. However, discovering you’ve an identifiable mortality timebomb discreetly ticking away in your brain is going to make you reassess your life. You can’t ignore the fact that you’ve been dealt a rather more difficult card, highlighting your vulnerability, yet not allowing you to plan for anything, because, who knows how long you’ve got.

This happened recently to Lisa Connell, 28, of Barnet. Initially devastated by the news that she has a potentially life threatening meningioma (benign brain tumour) she swiftly decided to do something positive. Unable to work, she focused her considerable energies into raising awareness of brain tumours and turned into a fundraising machine on a mission.

Big idea #1 was your more traditional sponsored run which took place in July with Lisa (having been told 6 months prior that she would never walk again) and her family and friends participating and, to date, has raised an impressive £3k (you can still donate here).

Big idea #2 is a bit more headline grabbing, having within a week attracted the celebrity attentions of model Sophie Anderton, and last round participant of Big Brother, blonde bombshell Aisleyne.

Lisa has come up with a rent-a-date scheme.

Now, if you Google “rent a date” you’ll definitely get escort agencies so Lisa is at pains to convey that this is not about dating or paid shagging. Her scheme is fundraiser, pure and simple. All bids are donations but the winning ‘bidonater’ (our term – like it?) takes the pimped-out one for an all expenses paid date, approved by Lisa herself. Pure companionship with the smug feelgood factor of having helped a cause thrown in. Hell, you might feel so good naughty things happen. But you should check with Lisa first. Especially if she’s your date.

To find out more about Lisa and her enterprise or to become a “rent a date” yourself see her soon to be proper website. Click here to bid for a date or, more straightforwardly, give much needed money to Brain Tumour UK without getting tangled up in all that etiquette, awkwardness and sneaky groping malarkey.

Image courtesy of Lisa Connell.

Last Updated 15 August 2007