A Throw Of Dice, Live Orchestral Screening

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A Throw Of Dice, Live Orchestral Screening

Blimey. It's as if the benevolent lords of music, film and free outdoor events put all their goodies into a bag, shook it up and tipped it out over Trafalgar Square.

On Thursday night, like on many nights so far in the India Now festival, hundreds of Londoners will be brought together for an Indian summer night. A huge number of cushion and rug and picnic-carrying people are expected to fill the square's space between the lions for either the classic Indian silent movie, the live performance by the London Symphony Orchestra, the specially composed score by Nitin Sawhney or the opportunity to enjoy a free outdoor event in the heart of town. Or all of those things combined.

A Throw of Dice is a classic Indian silent movie featuring two rival kings, one of whom loses everything to the other in a single throw of dice, including the woman he loves. Forced to work as a slave for the triumphant, corrupt king, everything seems to be going very wrong for the losing king but a twist of fate reveals the corrupt king's wrongdoings and he is driven to suicide, leaving the remaining king and the lady he loves to be reunited. Living happily ever after seems to be the expected outcome.

A specially composed score by acclaimed Asian composer Nitin Sawhney will be performed live by the London Symphony Orchestra. As we're having a pleasantly dry and sunny week so far, there should be a stunning sunset somewhere among the many delights of this unique evening.

A Throw of Dice, Live Orchestral Screening at Trafalgar Square, Thursday 30 August, evening. The Visit London website says it starts at 9pm while the A Throw of Dice website doesn't mention a start time anywhere... we recommend turning up and claiming a good spot fairly early. Don't forget the bottle opener!

Last Updated 29 August 2007