Yoghurt Sponsored Feltz And Clarkson

By Lindsey Last edited 136 months ago
Yoghurt Sponsored Feltz And Clarkson

Today, in London, you can see Feltz pulled by Clarkson. Stop! I hear you shriek, especially if you’re feeling a bit delicate after a big weekend. Well, don’t worry. It’s not some hideous perversion of celebrity Blind Date for the Beeb. Clarkson is a horse. An ironically named horse, as it happens, as he:

loves pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and supporting environmental causes, but can’t stand motor cars and the pollution they cause

In your face, Jeremy.

Clarkson the horse will be pulling an eco-cart, ferrying Londoners to work and encouraging you to “de-pollute your commute and start your day in an eco-friendly way”. The cart has solar panels which, combined with the energy created by the wheels turning, can even power your laptop. Vanessa Feltz will be celebrity trotted to the BBC London studios and the people behind the cart, Stony, will be trying to flog you some organic yoghurt along the way.

First person to snap Clarkson the horse and superimpose the permed and be-denimed one's mugshot for Touch Up London will be hugely praised.

Book your ride to work here or get some alternative de-polluting tips here. The Stony de-pollute cart and Clarkson the horse are on tour in London from today until Weds then clip clop up to Birmingham and Manchester.

Last Updated 23 July 2007