Walkwalkwalk @ Chelsea Physic Garden

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Walkwalkwalk @ Chelsea Physic Garden

Who doesn't love the Antiques Roadshow? All those hopefuls bringing their beloved plates and porcelain figurines to be assessed, hoping that all those years of dusting Great Aunt Maud's dancing frog doll will pay off when the kindly antique dealer cries out 'bloody hell, that's worth several thousand pounds!'

For those without a house full of potential antiques to raid for the real Antiques Roadshow, there is a very special kind of event tomorrow. Walkwalkwalk is a project organised by Gail Burton, Serena Korda and Clare Qualmann.

Their project's full title is 'Walkwalkwalk: an archaeology of the familiar and the forgotten' and is based on the walks that they made each day - from home to work, from work to friends' houses, from friends' houses to the off-licence... they started to walk these routes paying full attention to their surroundings rather than just trying to get from A to B and bagan to collect artefacts and anecdotes in order to assemble a sort of 'archaeology' of the area.

Walkwalkwalk have created a range of events based on their original walks; we particularly liked the Chip Shop Tour of E8 and the maps they designed based on their research. A new event by these intrepid walking artists will be happening tomorrow, in the Chelsea Physic Garden.

As part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) In Transit Season, Walkwalkwalk will be drawing up a massive map of the borough and visitors can drop in at the gardens between 12pm and 9pm with any objects they have found on walks through the area. In true Antiques Roadshow style, the artists will evaluate and interpret the objects brought to them and add them as details and anecdotes to the map. The first 50 bookings can enter the Chelsea Physic Garden for £4.00; after the first 50 bookings entrance tickets will be the regular £7.00.

Walkwalkwalk: an archaeology of the familiar and forgotten, at Chelsea Physic Garden, Wednesday 18 July, 12pm to 9pm. For more information, go to the In Transit website here.

Last Updated 17 July 2007