Transformed: Taxi In Disguise

By Lindsey Last edited 140 months ago
Transformed: Taxi In Disguise

Having recently highlighted the shortages of Black Cab drivers here’s an example of one of the precious joys of being a London Cabbie to encourage those youngsters to sign up.

You get to dress your cab up! Oh yes.

Steven Bell, from Chingford, transformed his Hackney Carriage into a big pink fluffy bunny scooping the coveted prize of Best Dressed Cab. The honour was bestowed upon him and his trusty steed by the London Taxi Drivers Children’s Charity on their annual outing to Southend. Hundreds of cabs ferried disadvantaged children to the seaside in a balloon bedecked caravan of smiling loveliness.

Mr Bell started work on the startling creation 9 months ago. An old hand at black cab conversion, he has won twice before with, respectively, a shark-cab and a World Cup themed car.

We can only imagine that, Mr Bell’s brain has grown more than most and, stuffed with all that Knowledge, he really had to channel his newly-found evil genius capacity into some other, more wholesome, project. He’s clearly streets ahead of the nearest competition; strapped on blow up dolphins and a turtle smack of last minute cobbledtogether crapness.

With the treble in hand, we wait with bated breath for news of next year’s outfit. Meanwhile, hats off to the ingenious Mr Bell & Bunny Cab.

The London Taxi Drivers Children’s Charity organises outings for underprivileged and special needs children as well as raising money and funding projects to help improve their lives.

Last Updated 19 July 2007