Tour de France Prologue: Viewing Update

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Tour de France Prologue: Viewing Update

Londonist is always looking out for your best interests, so after recommending Wellington Arch as the best place to spot an incident at Saturday's Tour de France Prologue, we went to check it out to make sure it was still looking like the ideal spot.

And you're in luck. It's all looking good. The gravel is still there, despite worries it might be removed to make things easier the cyclists. And they haven't done anything silly like changing the shape of the road. Although we're pretty sure there weren't any worries about that.

The barriers were still going up when we were there, but there are a few places you might want to check out when you turn up tomorrow.


Sadly for those of us without VIP passes, the best spot to spot any wipeouts and spills, or near misses, is in a lovely tented area. They were still setting it up when Londonist was in the area, but it's filled with lots of tables and chairs and looks relaxing and delightful.

Of course, you'd have to get through a mildly intimidating looking entrance first, so chances are you won't get a glimpse inside. No matter! All the fun is sure to be had in the crowds along the road.


Your next best bet would be perched on one of the statues near Wellington Arch. It's probably a good idea that they've been fenced off, as we want any spills to be on the road, not onlookers tumbling off statues. That would really take away from the sporting spirit of the day.

There are still plenty of good spots though that are available for public viewing, and you'll be sure to get a nice view of the sharp curve. You'll want to get there nice and early though - you don't want to turn up late and be stuck in the back of the crowd, miles from the road.

To get you in the mood for tomorrow's festivities, here's a photo of some (we assume) non Tour de France cyclists taking a pass through Wellington Arch. Doesn't it look fun?


Last Updated 06 July 2007