Tone-Deaf? Unlikely!

By Talia Last edited 138 months ago
Tone-Deaf? Unlikely!

Are you one of those people who in public claims you can't sing a note, but in private blasts out your favourite songs listening to the radio. In fact, are there any of us who don't secretly think we're amazing singers, we just don't quite know how to sing properly?

Tonight, Tone-Deaf Tune-In is the event for you. Held at the Dana Centre in South Ken, the evening will explore the science behind tone-deafness (did you know it's actually a lifelong disorder called amusia) and how most of us actually just suffer from a lack of confidence.

Part of the Sing London campaign, Tim Griffiths, a neurologist from Newcastle University will explain the genetics behind amusia, before introducing Anna Barker, a real sufferer of the disorder. We might all moan about being "tone-deaf", but what is it like to really live with the condition? Is it pretty unnoticable unless you try to sing, or does it affect your day to day life? We have no idea, but we're pretty interested in finding out.

Don't worry if this all sounds a bit serious though, as every Dana event turns out to be a fun, interactive session. For starters the whole thing is hosted by cabaret artist Dusty Limits and singing coach Jean Hornbuckle will be on hand to teach those of us who just claim to be tone deaf, exactly how to sing.

Tone-Deaf Tune-In, tonight 7-9pm at the Dana Centre, for more information go to the Dana Centre website here. Tickets are free, but must be pre-booked via 020 7942 4040 or

Last Updated 25 July 2007