Team Nice Gets Political

Dave Haste
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Team Nice Gets Political
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This weekend column is brought to you by the founders of Niceties Tokens, Liz and Pete of Team Nice.

11. Marmite And Socialism

Who feels comfortable about talking politics? The people that I know fall into two categories…

Some people don't really feel comfortable talking about politics, particularly with people they don't know. This is not because they are worried that they will offend them (the 'never talk about politics, religion or money' rule) but they actually don't want to look like an idiot because they don't know enough.

The other category is the people who do know about politics, and so wear their knowledge for everyone’s discussion. These people are very opinionated – possibly their pride is strengthened because they know the fear that not knowing enough about politics can induce.

I don't know that many people who are ‘middle of the road’ types – either you are in to it or you are not – a bit Marmite then.

But the class system now days is nothing like it used to be, so communism and capitalism are more historical terms, and as a knock on effect the parties that were far right or far left are not so extreme now, they all just wobble unstably near the middle.

One gang that have held firm to their ground are the Socialists. This group is very strong in my local area, so I went along to one of their weekly meetings.

Admitting you don't know very much about politics isn't as scary as I thought it would be. I walked in to a private room in a local cafe to meet the comrades, who are all very opinionated men, with stern faces and dominating voices. But they are also incredibly well mannered, and were not at all patronising or suspicious of me, the weird short blond woman who shuffled in.

This was the most pro-active and efficient club meeting I have ever attended. Every one of these men was articulate, strong willed and very organised. The efficiency and effort that they all dedicated was amazing. Petitions, strikes, researching local and national government policy.... the meeting over-ran because there was so much to report on. They have these meetings every week.

Fighting for the spongers of the state? Ha! As I now know from my 'Introduction to Marxism' if it weren't for the Communist Manifesto of 1848, we wouldn't have healthcare, housing and education for everyone. Aw bless me, the unashamedly ignorant teaching herself to love Marmite.

This week’s niceness:

Liz the lollipop lady

I helped people across the road in Soho. The drinkers that were stumbling about outside were amused, but the cabbies weren’t. Ah.

By Liz Akers

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