Second Eye Grey

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Second Eye Grey

The revived Penny Dreadful, known as One Eye Grey, is back for its second edition. This loose collection of shadowy tales draws on London's folklore, presenting a cavalcade of spooky oddness and strange happenstance in one handbag or manbag-friendly dose.

It's by our old mate Chris Roberts (who some of you will remember from the guided walks we recently put on). You can pick up a copy for just £2.50 from an impressive number of stockists. (Impressive for something that's self-published and distributed by the author.)

This is the bit where we would tell you about the highlights from the issue. However, Londonist seems to have lost its copy while moving flat at the weekend. We vaguely remember there was a story called 'Another reason not to go to Chelsea', and that the first tale involved a ghostly prostitute. But, the copy is hidden at the bottom of a box somewhere, and the sun is shining and we want to get some beer. So you'll just have to buy it yourself to learn more.


Last Updated 17 July 2007