Random Graffiti Of The Week: Jef Aerosol

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Random Graffiti Of The Week: Jef Aerosol

Last weekend, 22 walls in Shoreditch, Camden and Portobello received a facelift. French stenciler Jef Aerosol (that may not be his real name) put up the images of iconic music celebrities (Bolan, Lennon, Jagger, Drake, Hendrix, Curtis and, erm, Gandhi) as well as images of beggars, buskers and forlorn old women. The stencils, thrown up in just three days, are concentrated in three areas, as the map below shows.

Blue markers indicate stencils that have already been removed. Click on the red markers for images. All photos are courtesy of Jef himself, and used with permission.

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Last Updated 20 July 2007