Pay As You Go Pups

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Pay As You Go Pups

It used to be that the wealthy, with their high powered jobs that meant they couldn’t make it home in time to walk the dog, paid someone to do it for them. They got all the perks of having a dog without having to actually put on wellies, throw sticks and bag turds.

The world’s gone topsy turvy though and, apparently, the wealthy animal lover about town now wants to pay someone else for the privilege of looking after their dog without the hassle of taking it home and having it properly love them.

Yes, the first pay as you go pups will be ready for hire in London this October. FLEXPETZ has been operating successfully in California, pimping itself to Hollywood z-listers, and is pre-registering prospective London dog renters now.

Imagine. You’ll never have to feel lonely walking in the park sans chien nor snubbed for lacking a canine friend at Crufts. Your pulling power could be enhanced by a little loan dog that won’t be around to frolic all over your bed when things get sexy and your stress levels could subside through the loving and undiscerning attentions of a fully qualified “therapy dog”.

Most of the dogs are rescue dogs and all are trained, chipped and GPRSed so you don’t even have to worry about losing them in the park.

You might need to worry about them getting very confused about who the hell you are, though.

For a paltry £350 a year, plus a per visit charge of £20 at weekends or £12 for weekdays, you too could let some dogginess into your life. Why not call them on a pay as you go phone, select a pay as you go pooch, book a pay as you go car, hire a pay as you play girlfriend, reserve a pay as you stay hotel room and have a proper fake fantasy weekend, paying through the nose.

Or become a peripatetic dog walker and be paid for the pleasure.

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Last Updated 31 July 2007