O2 Versus O2 Versus O2

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O2 Versus O2 Versus O2

Off to see Timberlake at the new-look Dome tonight? Make sure you don’t get the wrong venue. The Greenwich attraction isn’t the only O2 in town…


The O2, Greenwich Peninsula

Function: Entertainment venue, including stadium, 11-screen cinema and exhibition space. Includes Justin Timberlake.

Age: 7.5 years. Opened at the end of 1999 as the Millennium Dome, now recalled to life as the O2.

Capacity: 20,000 in the main arena.

Size: 365 m diameter and the largest single-roofed structure in the world.

Cost: £789 million, plus plenty of maintenance and development costs since.

Transport links: Ready access by Jubilee Line, several bus routes and the Blackwall Tunnel by car.

Neighbours: Antony Gormley’s Quantum Cloud, North Greenwich Tube.

Celebrity spotting: Stars such as the Rolling Stones and Prince will be a common fixture. Tutankhamun, that great early contemporary of the Stones, will also be making an appearance in November.

Bonus fact: That big hole in the side? It’s a ventilation shaft from the Blackwall Tunnel.


The O2 Centre, Finchley Road

Function: Retail and leisure complex. Includes Sainsburys, Habitat, 8-screen cinema, Books Etc.

Age: 9 years.

Capacity: several thousand shoppers, plus a bounty of tropical fish in the aquarium.

Size: About 400 m long if you include Homebase.

Cost: Who knows? But worth every penny for the fish tank. The terrapin, by the way, is called Aloysius.

Transport links: Close to the Metropolitan and Jubilee lines, the North London Line (Silverlink), and numerous bus routes along Finchley Road. Sizable car park.

Neighbours: Walkabout pub.

Celebrity spotting: Londonist once eyeballed Kevin Spacey on the lower floor. He was carrying some bread.

Bonus fact: The O2’s car park was once twinned with Arizona’s Painted Dessert. No, really.


O2 Molecule

Function: Simple diatomic molecule that participates in varied chemical reactions and biological processes.

Age: Approximately 11 billion years.

Capacity: 16 electrons.

Size: 0.000000000129 m

Cost: Given the current security climate, we’ll let you Google ‘Oxygen cylinder’ for yourself.

Transport links: Abundant gas, easily reached from anywhere on the Earth’s surface. O2 is itself readily transported around the body via haemoglobin molecules in the red blood cells.

Neighbours: nitrogen and fluorine, in the periodic table.

Celebrity spotting: According to textbooks, oxygen makes up about 20% of Air (the remainder being Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel).

Bonus fact: Oxygen also comes in a triangular, O3 form better known as ozone.

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