Mimbre At Watch This Space Tonight

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Mimbre At Watch This Space Tonight

We mentioned the Watch This Space festival at the National Theatre just before it started but wasn't as enthusiastic as we were last year when the summer weather was hot enough to require dispensers full of free sunscreen. With all the rain and thick grey cloud that heralded the opening of this annual outdoor performance festival, we anticipated distribution of free umbrellas and cancelled performances...

But look! At the time of writing, it isn't raining! And Mimbre are back tonight! This trio of acrobats are bringing their new show The Bridge to the patch of astroturf outside the National Theatre and it sounds like it will be a damn good sight for eyes sick of interminable Big Brother and not much else on TV. The Bridge is inspired by the architectural, geographical, historical and symbolic significance of bridges.

Although common and practical, bridges are surrounded by myths and legends both ancient and modern. Spanning across a divide, they are the connection between separate worlds, often guarded and treasured. Crossing can be easy or a rite of passage. Meetings, unexpected or planned, desired or dreaded cannot be avoided.

Remembering the three storey climbing frame Mimbre used last year for their jaw-dropping fusion of acrobatics, dance and gymnastics, The Bridge should be a good free, after-work outdoor event for tonight and has the handy benefit of being in between the National Film Theatre, BFI Southbank, National Theatre and Royal Festival Hall bars. Check out the rest of the Watch This Space programme for more open air fun, all free, all weather.

The Bridge, by Mimbre, tonight at the National Theatre, 6.30pm as part of the Watch This Space festival. For more information, go to the festival website here.

Image taken from chairmanblueslovakia's Flickr photostream, as seen in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 18 July 2007