Lush London Stripped Bare

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Lush London Stripped Bare

Shoppers in Wimbledon certainly got a shock when they popped into wholesome chainstore Lush for their smellies. Greeted only with a smile and an apron to protect their modesty as the shop workers took a novel stand on protesting.

So what are they on about? Well, it appears they're none to pleased about, ahem, excessive packages. Environment wise. According to store manager Wendy Reiding, they're all about the recycling and they want to be as green as possible. So this was their way of, erm, exposing the problem. Shops in 55 cities across the country joined in and dropped their trousers. We imagine there was shoppers in a fluster all over over the place.

It's not all pr gimics though. Statistics show that packaging contributes to two per cent of overall greenhouse gases, and plastic uses eight per cent of the world's oil resources. Even if the workers only stayed naked for an hour, this is obviously something worth shouting about. Lush apparently tries to make sure it's products are package free. Except for it's shampoo because that would be silly.

Excessive packaging ruining the environment? Sounds like a bum deal to us.

David photo from DH Wrights flickr stream.

Last Updated 13 July 2007