Just Can't Get Enough

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Just Can't Get Enough

Whether he's snarling out the songs of one of the many incarnations of his band or announcing the evening footie results, Mark E. Smith somehow always leaves us wanting more. In his latest project, Von Südenfed, guitars are exchanged for drum machines as he lends his classic cantankerous vocal stylings to the twisted rhythms of Germany's Mouse on Mars. While it sounds like an awkward pairing on paper and could easily have gone horribly wrong in less capable hands, this unlikely trio's debut album has become one of our favourite slabs of dirty disco so far this year.

On first listen, "Tromatic Reflexxions" struck us as one of those brilliant studio collaborations that one would never expect to see live. Naturally, then, they had to do a gig. Von Südenfed will headline Room One at Fabric tonight supported by The Glimmers and Riton, while the second room rocks the dance with You Say Party! We Say Die!, Yuksek and Kill Em All hosts Filthy Dukes. Although there is no word yet on the attendance plans of stubbly lip-synchers in drag, you boys out there could always borrow your sister's clothes and do your part to help make life imitate art.

FabricLive featuring Von Südenfed, £12 (£10 nus & Fabric First), Friday 6 July 2007, 9:30 p.m. - 5:00 a.m. at Fabric, 77a Charterhouse Street, London, EC1M 3HN. Advance tickets available here.

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