Heart Of Gold

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Heart Of Gold

Every now and again, there's a story that crops up in the news that touches Londonist's heart. When we heard about Margaret Rollinson dashing to save a little girl's life, we really were moved.

After swerving to miss a reckless driver in a car that had pulled out in front of him, an ambulance paramedic had burst two tyres. This would be unfortunate under any circumstances, but the ambulance in question was carrying a heart for a girl at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The ideal countdown time for transporting organs is four hours and he knew he had to get there quickly.

This was when Margaret, a grandmother aged 56, was pulled over to help. She agreed to drop the paramedic off at the police station and it was only then that he told her he had the heart in a box next to him. We're betting she drove pretty quickly after that.

Police arranged for transport within three minutes of them arriving and the heart was delivered to the eagerly awaiting surgeons. The little girl is reported to be doing well and is expected to leave hospital later this week.

Margaret Rollinson, Londonist thinks you're a hero.

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