Free Range 2007: Artist Profile - Julia Wood

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Free Range 2007: Artist Profile - Julia Wood



Free Range is almost over (sniff) so we've tracked down the best of this weeks artists so you don't have to. Julia Wood has just graduated from Staffordshire University and you can catch her at the Creationism exhibition from 12th July - 16th july.

What's it all about, Julia?

The main themes I discuss in my work are of domestic and family life and particularly what happens when the traditional idea of the home as a place of safety is subverted. I use the suggestion of supernatural occurrences and insectile imagery to convey a sense of unease within the domestic environment. My work is typically installation based, normally consisting of several made objects or domestic props, which are carefully spot lit. A lot of my objects are made from found objects such as old furniture, but I also use floral wallpaper, pins, and expansion foam among other things.


You're not from london, how does it feel to be doing a show here?

What's exciting about exhibiting in London is the amount of people your art work becomes accessable to, and due to London's cultural diversity the art that you experience there is a reflection of that. London is also definitely a great place for contemporary art galleries, as well as having an arts scene which rivals places such as Paris and Barcelona. Free Range is a great opportunity to get my work out there for people to see as well as seeing what other students have done, and it will hopefully lead to more young graduates getting more chances to exhibit.

There's loads more stuff going on this week. Click here to find out more.

Free Range is at the Old Truman Brewery from May 31st until 23rd July. Opening Nights: Thursdays 6pm-10pm & Show Days: Fridays to Mondays 10am-7pm. Nearest tube: Aldgate East / Liverpool Street.

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