Free Range 2007 Artist Profile: Clare Skidmore

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Free Range 2007 Artist Profile: Clare Skidmore



We've really been spoiling you art lovers recently. Don't worry, we're not through yet. Check out Clare Skidmore's work below and see what she's up to as part of Free Range this year. She's part of the 'Show 'n' tell' collection from University of Wales Newport from July 5th to July 9th.

Why don't you tell us a little bit about your artwork?

I want to paint big bold paintings that attract the viewer through their scale and complexity, which gradually transforms into recognizable views of the world as we see it. I am regularly drawn by routine repetition and patterns that occur within every day life. My paintings of simple abstract images and shapes are representations of overlooked situations that can be found all around us. The patterns that occur are worked out in systematic formulas that create the final images. They're by no means accidental!


What's it like exhibiting in London?

London is so important to up and coming artists such as myself as it offers so much in the way of Contemporary Art. The Free-Range exhibitions are a great way to see what other students at the same level are creating and is an excellent opportunity to network and gain more contacts within the art world. Contemporary art is accepted and embraced more so in London than anywhere else in the UK, which is why the leading contemporary artists all exhibit there. It's the place to be if you are looking for recognition from an audience- not just in the Britain, but all over the world.

Free Range is at the Old Truman Brewery from May 31st until 23rd July. Opening Nights: Thursdays 6pm-10pm & Show Days: Fridays to Mondays 10am-7pm. Nearest tube: Aldgate East / Liverpool Street.

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