Fairy Liquid To The Rescue

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Fairy Liquid To The Rescue


It's practically a childhood rite of passage - you're playing innocently in a playground and get stuck in a swing. It doesn't have to be a swing, of course. It could be a slide, or the monkey bars or a merry-go-round.

But for a 12 year old boy in Watford on Saturday, it was a swing. He was standing on a nursery swing, slipped and got stuck. How embarrassing. We're sure he was even more embarrassed when he couldn't get himself free and the local fire station was called.

Fortunately, firefighters are resourceful people, and before they attempted to cut him out, they got a bit creative. They covered the unlucky boy in fairy liquid and managed to get him out of the swing without the use of bolt cutters or anything scary like that.

We're sure he'll have very fond feelings towards fairy liquid from now on, and he'll be pleased to know that, aside from freeing stuck children from playground equipment, fairy liquid can also be used for washing dishes and making bubbles. We find bubbles more fun than washing up, but we'll let you decide for yourself.

Image taken from CaroWallis1's Flickr photostream

Last Updated 17 July 2007