Clubwatch: Club Motherfucker

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Clubwatch: Club Motherfucker

From The Garage to new(ish) venue Bardens Boudoir, the Daughters of Kaos have been causing mayhem with their polysexual Club Motherfucker for the last 4 years. Mixing performances from cool up and coming artists with different guest DJs every week, you can expect sleazy electro, indie beats and well just whatever anyone feels like playing. The next (and last till September)Club Mofo is this Saturday 14th July, so if you like the sound of it, check it out!

When and why did you set Club Motherfucker up?

We started the club nights in March 2003 after a drunken rant on the nightbus. There were hardly any club nights, let alone polysexual nights, putting on live music, or playing the type of electic selection of music we wanted to hear. Basically we liked going to gigs, liked going to houseparties and of course loved getting drunk, so decided to do something about it! We call Club Motherfucker Live a party and that's what the atmosphere is like.

Who are your djs? What do you do in the real world?

The only resident djs are us, the hosts Daughters of the Kaos, though we have different guests every party. We dj at other places, a lot in New York and Europe, and we have also compered the Carling Stage at the Reading Festival for the past four years. We have run our own mini record label called Whoop! Whoop! Rekkids, we've interviewed bands for various publications, so basically we do anything we can to avoid the real world! (Though we do have temp jobs but like to pretend they dont exist).

What type of music do you play, and why is it so special?

Our music policy isnt contrived. We literally just play what we like and our guests do the same. The same as you would at a house party. The club could be different every time in terms of music but is always pretty much on an indie electronic tip and has been described by one journalist as a wonderful sonic mess. I think that sums it up!!

Have you had anyone famous on your dancefloor?

Everyone who walks through our door is a Motherfucker - there's no heirachy innit! There has been some funny incidents with notables though - Zena had to pretend an intoxicated Shane McGowan was her uncle so the bouncers would let him in once. Also Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore mentioned in an interview how they came to Club Motherfucker to watch Hawnay Troof and only the barman recognised them! Being huge comedy fans, we were pretty stoked to have Stephen Merchant at our NYE party but we'll let the rest's dirty motherfucker secret remain so.


What's your venue like? Where would be your ideal venue?

Our current venue is Bardens Boudoir, an arty yet unpretentious basement venue in Dalston. It is dark and has booths along one wall which were all decorated differently by local artists. At the moment this venue works for us pretty damn well so i guess it is our ideal venue.

Tell us one artist who we might not have heard of that you play that we should check out?

We love Yacht - aka Jona Bechtolt, who is also a member of The Blow. He is also a sometime drummer for load of different bands. His music is awe-so-me. CHECK IT!

What other club nights do you like going to in London?

We're Ghetto regulars as its our local, no matter what night is there there's always fun to be had. Also, Bosh at the Old Blue Last is wicked.

5 tracks we'd hear at Club Motherfucker.

Mr Oizo - Patrick122

Matt and Kim - Yea Yeah

Poney Poney - Junior (Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya Remix)

Rhianna (feat. Jay z) - Umbrella

The Blow - The Long List of Girls

And when can we catch you live next?

Club Motherfucker Live next takes place Saturday 14th July - it will be our last one until September while we take a bit of a summer holiday. We have Shakes playing live, Nic Nell, MIlke and South Central doing a laptop/keyboard set along with Mac3000 and us djing. FUNTIMES!

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