Win: Grace A-Zs!

By Talia Last edited 141 months ago
Win: Grace A-Zs!

We like it when new bands send us gifts in order to make us love them. Our favourite ever was the oyster card Dragonette were handing out. And now another band is following suite - Grace.

Sadly this isn't the 1990s dance act involving Paul Oakenfold returning, but instead a Shepherd's Bush based band who've just released their debut album "Detours". And to celebrate, yup you guessed it - they've made some oyster cards! Woo hoo! We've got to warn you, these cards are nowhere near as nice as the Dragonette cards, however they've also sent us a couple of branded A to Zs which are amazing.


To win, fill in this form and we'll get back to you by Monday next week.

n.b. The Londonist writer holding the gifts is not included!

Last Updated 19 June 2007