What’s for Lunch? Benugo

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Last Updated 19 June 2007

What’s for Lunch? Benugo
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Londonist asks that most pressing of daily concerns: where to go on your lunch break.


Throughout London

Average Lunch Price: £5

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Snoop around the Internet and you’ll find several references to sandwich shop Benugo’s free WiFi. For example, this post by Gavin Bell suggests that other cafés ‘should take the lead from Benugo and offer free WiFi like they offer free sugar’ because the ‘cost per month of running a WiFi access point is not great.’ However, you won’t find much online content about the real draw: decent sandwiches at a decent price.

Benugo takes pride in serving ‘the freshest ingredients’ and sees this factor as key to achieving ‘the finest results’ at their four high street shops (City Road, Clerkenwell Road, Curzon Street, and Great Portland Street) as well as at their public stores at the V&A, the Museum of Childhood, and South Bank’s Benugo Bar and Kitchen. According the Open Guide to London, Benugo is a “rather upmarket” chain. Yet, with no sandwich costing above £4.00, it still contends as a worthy downmarket choice.

Londonist has heartily enjoyed the Eastender (Cumberland sausage, egg salad, crispy bacon, rocket and chutney) on a few occasions at both the Clerkenwell Road and the City Road locations, both of which appear to be identically clean and efficient. Other combination sandwiches include the New Yorker, the Sicilian, the Parisian and the weekly special. Beyond the sarnies, Benugo offers pies, salads, muffins and more. Benugo does up a good breaky too and is a good option for grabbing a coffee. Service is super quick but long queues tend to be the norm at crucial moments.

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