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It’s a constant problem. Where to combine your love of buying alcohol with your love of looking at models of doomed luxury cruise liners.

But, as of today, you are in luck. If you’re in the Bushley area, check out The Local, on Harcourt Road, which is proudly displaying a model of the Titanic resting on cans of beer.

It’s creator, Mark Diggins, shifted the 5,000 piece model to the off-licence when he realized it was mildly unsafe to be building it at home with his curious kids around. He’s been assembling it for two years now, and the not-so-Titanic is, ahem, going down well with the locals.

He now plans to display the Lilliputian liner on top of a fridge. Given the real vessel’s fate, let’s hope he keeps it away from the freezer compartment.

Diggins is on the lookout for a new project, so if you've got any in mind feel free to pop in and make a few suggestions. We're just impressed that he's made his employers think he's been working all this time. Well played, Mr Diggins.

Image taken from our old friends The Sizemore McCabe Project's Flickr photostream.

Last Updated 04 June 2007