Three Legged Tortoise Stolen

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Three Legged Tortoise Stolen

What happens when a nice 76 year old woman lets a stranger into her garden, thinking he's there to cut down trees in a neighbour's yard? He sneaks back the next day, and steals her four tortoises, that's what.

Shirley Scott raised two of the tortoises from eggs, and they've been a part of the family for seventeen years. The older tortoises are called Friday and Tavvy, while the younger 18 month old tortoises have yet to be named. One of the tortoises was attacked by a fox two years ago, and has only three legs. Shirley is particularly worried about that one, but is also concerned that all four won't be looked after properly.

Since the 1984 ban on the import of spur-thighed tortoises, they're in high demand, and can fetch up to £300 each in a pet shop, and Scott is sure they were stolen for their cash value.

Londonist is firmly opposed to the stealing of tortoises from nice little old ladies, and would very much like you to call the crime management unit of the Kingston Police (020 8721 5868) if you have any info.

Image taken from Thomas Hawk's Flickr photostream.

Last Updated 21 June 2007