Sex, Revolution And Safety Pins

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Sex, Revolution And Safety Pins

Would you like to see the Queen gagged and blindfolded?

If monarchy muzzling is one’s thing, one should really get oneself to Barbican Art Gallery. There, in homage to Liz’s Silver Jubilee and the 30th anniversary of the Sex Pistols’ romp down the river playing God Save The Queen, is an exhibition of punk art like never seen before in Britain. Forget bringing a picnic lunch and wading knee-deep through sproglets in the gift shop, for this artsy outing all you need is a scowl and a fingerless glove-clad fist raised in the air.

The iconic Sex Pistols album cover, featuring HRH looking like a ransom victim, will be among many items on display in the exhibition, entitled Panic Attack! Art in the Punk Years (1974-84).

Curator Ariella Yedgar said: "Punk identity was all about making a stand. It was adopted in art as it was in music and those two worlds collide, so it is easy to see why this image remains one of the most well-known."

Other offerings include a 5-ft. safety pin made entirely of broken bits of mirror, a photographic series depicting the punk revolution in both the UK and the US, entitled Violent Tapes, and collages made from old postcards of Eros and Piccadilly Circus.

Curator Yedgar added: "A lot of artists and musicians were eager to challenge mainstream perceptions and all wanted to push boundaries. The result was a thought-provoking outpour of creativity which is still relevant in today's climate.”

Any excuse to get those ripped jeans out of storage.

The exhibition runs from 5 June until 9 September. Tickets booked online are £6, or £8 on the door.

Image courtesy of kurren's mad digital skillz

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