Rescue Rabbit

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Rescue Rabbit

There was high drama in Orpington last week, as police made an impressive entrance into a flat after receiving an emergency call. Operators from a telephone monitoring service told Bromley police that they suspected a woman was in trouble, after they could hear a woman crying and whimpering on the phone.

In a truly dramatic fashion, they burst through the door after receiving no answer and getting no help from neighbours, damaging the door, doorframe and a fair bit of hallway. And what did they find when they finally got in?

Not a woman in need of help, but a rabbit named Humphrey. He was whimpering and whining, but didn't really require police assistance. He'd somehow managed to pull the cord which called the monitoring service while his owner was at the shops.

In order to avoid future police invasions, and the bills for repairing the damage those invasions cause, Humphrey's owner might want to take a look at a few helpful tips on rabbit proofing her flat.

Remember, the first thing rabbit proofing will do is prevent destruction of your property, whether it's by chewing up furniture or inadvertently causing police to crash through your front door.

Image from Leo Reynolds's Flickr photostream.

Last Updated 08 June 2007