On The Buses

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On The Buses

It seems we're writing more and more about London Transport these days. Now it's the turn of the London Assembly to have their say: they want to make buses safer. Isn't that nice of them? So they're asking you, British public and residents of London how to make it crime free and a happy travel experience. Some would call this forward thinking. Others might say it was passing the buck.

So, the crime free stuff seems fairly obvious: more CCTV, bring back the beloved bus conductor (they were always happy chappies weren't they?) Never one to think inside the box, Londonist looks at some other ways London Transport could make our journeys a little more comfortable.

Perhaps, bus drivers could learn where the bus stops are on each route, then they won't have to break so suddenly, throwing you and your wordly possesions into the crotch of the man stood in front of you.

They could also not try and get 50 extra people on the bus rendering any movement impossible. Are they on commission per person? Whilst they're at it, they could try not breaking the speed limit around corners while the bus is this full, as it feels a teeny bit like you're on a ride at Alton Towers.

They could actually help the woman with the buggy get on and off, and not let 50 school children pile up the stairs knocking small children to the ground.

It's perhaps best not to get us started on the 'revolutionary' Bendy Buses.

Judging by usual standards, they'll probably just continue to be rude, smoke, stop to read their newspapers for no reason (!) and not give two hoots about the safety of their passengers. The London Assembly want to know how to improve the bus system? Maybe they should look closer to home.

London buses are available at no set time during the day, and often won't arrive at all. It is possible the bus stop you are standing next to is currently out of use.

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