Olympic Logo Treasure Hunt

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Olympic Logo Treasure Hunt

The official 2012 Olympic logo will be unveiled next Monday. We're excited, we must confess. How will they have captured the spirit of our city, our country and the Olympic ideals all in one logo?

The organisers have gone all Olympics 2.0 and seeded the internet with short films like the one below, as a kind of teaser treasure hunt in the run-up to the launch. There are even hints that a kind of open source Olympic logo will also be available.

Today's film theme is 'Inspiration', and they'd like to know what inspires you about London. (Dyed-in-the-wool cynics need not reply.)

Those interested in the 2012 Games can get two more chances films like this in secret locations across the Internet on sites like ours. For the next two days, you can find clues on the official Olympic site for each day's preview. As part of the film find, those who sign up at www.london2012.com can also get access to a secret page that provides a first look at the new London 2012 brand before it is unveiled on June 4.

Last Updated 01 June 2007


Its awfull! Bound to be and must be changed! Someones already taking the pee out of it on ebay!

Avida Dollars

A simple geometry is the foundation of all good symbol design, like the interlocking circles of the traditional Olympic emblem. The 2012 London logo demonstrates what happens when that foundation is discarded in favour of blots and squiggles: incoherence. Blame it on the wayward fashion for architect Frank Gehry.