Monday Miscellanea

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Monday Miscellanea
The Magna Carta

This Week In London’s History

  • Monday11th June 1988: The Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute (a.k.a. Mandela Day Concert) takes place at Wembley Stadium. On a scale approaching the Live Aid concert that took place some three years earlier, more than 600 million people worldwide tune in to watch the epic day-long concert featuring dozens of high profile bands protesting against the apartheid regime in South Africa and the ongoing incarceration of Nelson Mandela.
  • Tuesday12th June 1991: The Outrage! gay rights group stage a mass “queer wedding” in Trafalgar Square to demand equal rights for same-sex partners as for married couples. Wednesday13th June 1981: Teenager Marcus Sarjeant fires six blank shots at the Queen during the Trooping the Colour ceremony. The Queen is unharmed, and Sarjeant is later imprisoned for treason. Thursday14th June 1961: George O’Dowd is born in Eltham, South-East London. In the 1980s he would become better known as Boy George, the androgynous lead-singer of Culture Club. Friday15th June 1215: King John puts his seal to the Magna Carta at Runnymede (about half-way between Heathrow Airport and Windsor).

    Random London Fact Of The Week

    Embankment tube station has gone through several changes of name in its 137-year history:

  • 1870: first opened, under the name ‘Charing Cross’
  • 1906: renamed ‘Embankment’ as the Bakerloo Line platforms opened
  • 1914: partially renamed ‘Charing Cross (Embankment)’ as the Northern Line platforms opened
  • 1915: renamed ‘Charing Cross’
  • 1974: renamed ‘Charing Cross Embankment’ whilst ‘Strand’ station (which we currently know as Charing Cross tube) was being rebuilt
  • 1976: renamed ‘Embankment’
  • So that’s all clear, then?

    One Thing You Must Do In London This Week

    Have a look at loads of flash cars, surrounded by tall buildings, for free (or at least no more than the price of getting to Zone 2).

    All this week, Canary Wharf will be hosting the 2007 Motorexpo. To quote the website:

    During Motorexpo week the Canary Wharf estate is literally transformed into a giant showroom for the latest vehicles, enabling Canary Wharf workers to view the latest vehicles right on their doorstep.


    Despite the rapid growth and popularity of the show, visitors can still actually get close to cars & motorcycles on display, with a number of manufacturers offering test drives from their stand. This, combined with other interactive features such as the Land Rover Experience, adds an interactive flavour to the show that has become so popular in recent years.

    With over 40 of the world’s leading manufacturers exhibiting over 200 of the latest cars and bikes, and over 200 shops, bars & restaurants on the Canary Wharf estate, the Motorexpo offers a unique and enjoyable experience for visitors.

    They’ve even got a ‘Green Zone’, where exhibitors like BP will try to convince you that they’re not utterly evil. We’ll leave it to you to judge for yourselves how sound their environmental credentials are…

    London’s Weather This Week

    Last week’s weather was a classic example of why the forecasters are not to be trusted. This week they’re hedging their bets somewhat and claiming that the weather will be quite changeable with both sunshine and showers, but do we trust them? Do we?

    Last Updated 11 June 2007